6 Billionaires That Came From Nothing

John Paul DeJoria

Net Worth: $3 Billion

Before the age of 10, John Paul Dejoria sold newspapers to help his family survive. But at one point his mother was unable to support him financially, so he was sent to live in a foster home. There, DeJoria made bad friends and even joined a Los Angeles gang. He had to find a bunch of odd jobs to support himself from being a janitor to driving a tow truck, even becoming homeless a couple of times.

His turning point came when he got a job working as a salesman for RedKen, a laboratory of hair products. Fired for criticizing the business strategy, he borrowed $700 and started his brand of hair products, John Paul Mitchell Systems. Over the next few years, he went door to door selling hair products and eventually partnered with hairdressers to turn the business into a huge success. He later started Patron Tequila and diversified his fortune into different industries.

Success Habit: John Paul DeJoria loves waking up early in the morning. He spends 5 minutes in bed and just lets himself be completely present without thinking of the outside world.

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