6 Billionaires That Came From Nothing

Lloyd Blankfein

Net Worth: $1.1 Billion

Lloyd Blankfein was the son of a New York Postal worker who grew up in a small apartment in Brooklyn’s Linden Houses, a poor housing complex built in 1957.

Growing up, Lloyd had to share a bedroom with his grandmother. While attending high school, he would sell hot dogs and soda at Yankee Stadium making him 3 cents per sale. He saw his father lose his job and be replaced by a machine which gave him the motivation to work vigorously at school giving him a full scholarship to Harvard. From there he got into Harvard Law school landing him a job in Wall Street. The company he worked for got acquired by Goldman Sachs and from there he worked his way up to CEO of Goldman Sachs.

Success Habit: One of the things that helped him the most was reading historical biographies.

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