Heroic Royals Fans Save Puppy Locked In A Hot Car Because That’s Just What Awesome Humans Do

On June 19th, the Kansas City Royals game against the Detroit Tigers went into extra innings wrapping up in the 13th after a 2:15PM start. A normal game can be an hours-long test of endurance, so it’s no wonder that Josh Lee and his friends headed out during the 8th inning, especially since it was so hot outside.

On their way out, Josh and his group were walking through the Kaufmann Stadium parking lot when they heard a dog crying for help. They discovered that someone left a puppy, approximately 16 weeks old, in a locked car while temperatures outside soared into the 90s.

While the windows were cracked, it was not enough to keep the pup cool. The temperatures inside the car rose to well over 100 degrees and the puppy did not have water. The group got the door open and rescued the dog. They also called the police. Once the police were on scene, Royals’ Guest Services got involved.

Tragically, people leaving dogs in hot cars is not as uncommon as you would hope. Anthony Mozzicato, the Director of Guest Services told The Kansas City Star that they receive calls about dogs in hot cars at least once a month.

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When the owners never showed up to claim the puppy, KC Pet Project took him under their care. He will soon be up for adoption and one of his rescuers, Josh Lee’s brother, hopes to have the chance to give him a forever home. We hope that happens! The pup’s rescuers should definitely be first in line to make him a part of their family!

Paws up for this heroic group for saving his life!

Watch the video below for more info about this sweet pup’s rescue.

Feature Image & H/T: @Notre_Josh/ Twitter


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